SLA (Service Level Agreement) - - High Availability Services

Premaccess is contractually committed to all its customers to reach a defined level of technical performance and services in order to meet the requirements. This contract, called a Service Level Agreement (SLA), is customizable according to specific needs; it allows a complete transparency as well as a perfect peace of mind under all circumstances.

The commitments written in the SLA are:

  • Server hosting: Premaccess must host the service 24/7.
  • Premaccess must inform its customers at least 48 hours before any service interruption it would be aware of. (Power, hardware or network maintenance)
  • In case of interruption of more than 4 hours, Premaccess must provide a report depicting the circumstances and the course of the incident in order to explore with its customers the ways to prevent another similar problem from occurring.
  • High availability: Premaccess is committed to a predefined availability rate that must be reached by its architectures. It may be the power, network, server or service availability rate.
  • Premaccess must restore the availability in a pre determined time frame.
  • Premaccess must pay penalties in case of lower availability rates than specified in the contract.
  • Premaccess works according to the ITIL best practices.
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