Commitments - - High Availability Services


  • The Premaccess teams are always committed to answering the clients’ needs with the utmost professionalism and greater accuracy.
  • The best hardware and best technologies to ensure the highest performance.
  • Premaccess is endeavouring to reach the predetermined availability rate.


  • Premaccess precisely analyzes the needs of its customers to provide the best tailored solutions according to the needs.
  • Perfect flexibility of the architectures to meet the expectations of its clients.
  • Premaccess always offers the latest technologies on the market and systematically adapt them according to the evolving needs of its customers.


  • Premaccess receives and deals with each alert in due time.
  • Premaccess does its best to ensure that any failure is compensated before it has even been noticed by the client.
  • In case of inaccessibility of the environment due to a hardware failure on the platform, Premaccess is committed to change the defective parts in a contractually limited time or use the equipment redundancy during a limited number of hours. (SLA)


  • Premaccess makes available to its customers the whole information that highlights the quality of its services and allows a systematic optimization of the architecture.
  • Premaccess is committed to the best practices of ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This ensures a quality of service that meets the international standards.
  • In case of non achievement of the contractual availability rate, Premaccess will pay a contractually determined penalty. (SLA)