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As a corporate citizen, Premaccess decided to contribute to sustainable development and helps reduce our energy consumption. In our sector, this is called Green IT. It is based on the improvement of the energy performance of computer tools.

First some numbers to be aware of reality:

  • The power consumption of PCs is increasing by 5% every year.
  • Electricity represents 10% of the IT department costs.
  • The electricity cost of computers during their lifetime is now higher than the cost of purchase.
  • Possible reduction of 10 to 30% of energy consumption with Green IT

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To be truly relevant and credible, the Green IT initiative must be based on evidence. Significant investments have been made over the years to offer everyone the most environmentally friendly solutions. Examples of methods implemented to contribute to energy savings:

  • The virtualization of servers allows better use of technical platforms.
  • An optimized Datacenter, through its design and architecture, saves significant energy (eg cooling water, structured exchange of air flow, etc.).
  • The use of the heat released allows some facilities to recover it from the datacenters to provide office space or water heating, (swimming pool, boiler).

Green IT is already a reality which will quickly become the norm. That is why we decided to offer from the beginning to our customers the benefits of these ecological progresses.

It reflects our commitment to contribute to sustainable development, but also to reduce the costs through better material usage. Feel free to ask us for more information on our environmental solutions.

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