Cloud Computing Hosting - - High Availability Services

Premaccess’ expertise in virtualization provides our customers with Cloud Computing solutions. This is a concept based on a virtual cloud of technical resources that allow fast and scalable IT systems disregarding the hardware in use.

The benefits of the Cloud Computing technology are:

  • A single subscription to a technical resource to meet all the needs without owning a server.
  • A scalable access to many online resources and therefore acceleration of the application development.
  • The elasticity of the cloud can provide scalable resources and services to adapt to any business growth.
  • Reliable services, based on infrastructures providing failure tolerance with maximum redundancy.
  • The cost optimisation model based on equipment sharing.
  • Premaccess has fully adapted its high availability hosting and managed services to the dedicated Cloud computing environment.

Cloud Computing in combination with managed services does not require any preliminary investment and is thus characterized as the most economical and scalable solution in terms of high availability hosting. Our experts in computer architectures are available to offer the best suited solutions according to your needs.

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