CDN (Content Delivery Network) Hosting - - High Availability Services

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a complex infrastructure consisting in multiple synchronous nodes securely connected across the Internet and strategically located to suit your needs. They pool resources to make your content available closer to your end users.

The advantages are:

  • A CDN is mainly used to facilitate the circulation of large multimedia content in the best conditions.
  • It allows an international and permanent availability of the content.
  • Our applications lead each request to the optimal node, both in terms of performance and bandwidth costs. These two aspects often tend to overlap because the nearest node to the end user is most of the time also the one with the lowest transmission costs.
  • Key feature: the redundant architecture provides fault tolerance and scalability.

A CDN is the most reliable technology to ensure high availability hosting worldwide. Our experts in computer architecture are available to find the best suited solutions according to your needs.

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