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The availability is now one of the key issues on IT infrastructures. Indeed the non-availability of a service can lead to immediate losses and jeopardize the business. Therefore Premaccess chose to specialize in all technologies which enable to optimize the availability rate of a website, under all circumstances.

The main solutions used to achieve high availability are:

  • The establishment of a dedicated physical infrastructure (network and servers).
  • A systematic hardware redundancy.
  • Caching.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • An intelligent system of load balancing.
  • The set-up of a virtual infrastructure.

Our high availability solutions offer you the following benefits:

  • An IT system available at all times without interruption of service
  • A potentially worldwide availability thanks to the latest Content Delivery Network (CDN) technologies which get closer to the end users.
  • An IT system available in the best conditions, whatever the number of users and its fluctuations, thanks to our intelligent and scalable technologies.
  • A quality of service that is also based on the idea of high availability: our engineers and experts in computer architecture are constantly listening to our customers to understand their needs, advise them, and proactively respond to their evolving needs.
  • High availability provides the visitors with the best browsing conditions and minimum response time to maximize their comfort. This is a prerequisite for the users’ loyalty and the success of our customers' business.
  • We guarantee the highest security on the IT infrastructures through systematic hardware redundancy and efficient backup systems.

Depending on the kind of service, we will share with you our experience and expertise regarding the high availability infrastructure that best suits your needs.

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