Streaming (video & audio) Hosting - - High Availability Services

Streaming consists in broadcasting audio and video content on the internet and reading this content without having to download it. It may be for example video / audio streaming, video telephony, encoding, Video on Demand (VOD), IPTV or radios.

Streaming therefore requires specific computer architectures to provide permanent access to the hosted content and optimize this access whatever the number of viewers.

That is why we offer tailored solutions based on our knowledge of the streaming technology and our expertise in high availability hosting and managed services.

Our solutions offer the following benefits:

  • A permanent and instant access to the streaming flow – High Availability
  • An automatic management of the traffic fluctuation to make the streaming process as smooth as possible irrespective of the number of users.
  • A Bandwidth that supports the continuous streaming of your content without any delay or number of connections restriction.
  • An architecture that allows your content to be accessible to all users regardless of the quality of their connection.

Our expertise in high availability hosting and managed services allows us to provide you with excellent streaming solutions that will meet your visitors’ expectations at all times. Please contact us and challenge our ability to assist you in the development and success of your business.

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