Virtualization - - High Availability Services

Virtualization is a suite of hardware and software technologies that are at the cutting edge of the technology. They offer the greatest comfort and best optimization of resources. Our expertise and our Partner VMware enable us to advise our clients and provide them with the best virtualization solutions according to their requirements.

The benefits of virtualization are:

  • Optimal use of material resources: an allocation of virtual machines on physical machines based on their respective loads.
  • Easy installation, deployment and accelerated migration thanks to the virtual machines.
  • Hardware optimal use through the resources pooling: power use, physical maintenance, supervision, support, etc.
  • A permanent and transparent scalability of our infrastructure.
  • High security thanks to the principle of cloning. For instance, it allows testing application updates without damaging affecting the operating system.
  • The possibility of increasing the technical resources without interruption and without restriction according to the needs of each application.
  • An easier, immediate and transparent balancing in case of overload and / or rupture with Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan through a daily asynchronous or synchronous replication of data.
  • Each virtual machine can work with a different and isolated operating system, and resume independently.

The virtualization solutions we offer are technologies among the most efficient ones in the market. They guarantee high availability and high security hosting as well as seamless scalability and comfort at all times.

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