Events Solutions - - High Availability Services

To launch a stunning marketing web based campaign such as promoting an event, organising a contest, setting-up a special sale, advertising a new product or simply implement any web based promotional activity, you need to have your website be developed very quickly, offering a permanent and efficient access coping with peaks of visitors.

We deliberately offer tailored solutions based on our experience in event hosting and our expertise in high availability hosting and managed services.

Our solutions for event websites guarantee:

  • A quick and efficient website on-lining
  • A permanent and instant access to your website - High Availability
  • An automatic management of the event site traffic fluctuations, ensuring visitors focus on the web pages content thanks to the smooth and comfortable web browsing activity
  • Reduced costs with no hardware investment, quick and easy hardware set-up with contract duration at your convenience
  • A customer relationship management based on the immediate assistance, flexibility and proactivity of our teams

Online communication campaigns success is nurtured through the perfect handling of peaks of visitors. Please contact us and challenge our ability to assist you in the development and success of your business.

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