Medium Business Solutions - - High Availability Services

Our Medium Business solutions are designed for demanding businesses, looking for high availability hosting combined with proactive managed services. These customisable solutions contribute to our customers’ success as they can be adapted to their needs and business fluctuations, thus ensuring in all circumstances well performing and secured architectures.

The setting-up of these high-availability solutions by our experts in IT architectures is based on concrete technical features:

  • Technical platform dedicated to the web site and databases management, based on the latest generation of Dell servers and Intel Xeon processors.
  • Load Balancing and IP Failover system.
  • Bandwidth: unlimited accessibility and traffic with the best latency period.
  • Caching system allowing the website static elements broadcast.
  • Redundant storage and backup system (N+1 on a remote site).
  • Database safeguarding via a master / slave system.
  • Database reading – writing access division: slave (reading) / slave (redundancy) / master (writing).
  • Databases clustering, multiple instances for concurrent access.
  • NoSQL and databases caching platform: memcache, couchdb, mongodb, redis).
  • Security: Firewall, Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) analysis.
  • All these features are assessed to fit your needs, and customisable to be scalable on demand.

These solutions are also based on concrete human features that ensure well-performing and secured architectures:

  • Proactive Managed Services: supervision, maintenance, administration, consulting in optimisation and evolution.

In addition to these features, we recommend the setting up of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to ensure maximum availability of the service.

Our quality of service is guaranteed within a Service Level Agreement (SLA), whose contractual elements are determined in agreement with our customers.

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